Hоw Do You Chооѕе a Dоublе Glаzing Company?

Sо уоu’vе dесidеd you want double glаzing. But whаt iѕ thе bеѕt wау tо сhооѕе an installer? Hоw dо you make sure уоu gеt good vаluе? And hоw do уоu make ѕurе уоu that you get thе bеѕt service аvаilаblе? The firѕt thing уоu have tо dо iѕ your rеѕеаrсh. Yоu need to find оut […]

How to move home, what are the top tips?

When you are planning to move to a new home at a new place then you must make sure that you will be fine at the new place. You must spend some time before actual shifting to the new place. This will help you to understand about the routine and schedules at the new place. […]

A glaziers job is a simple one

I think a glazier job is a simple well-defined job, in simple terms a glazier either replaces a piece of glass or puts a piece of glass in a predefined sized frame. I am sure it is a skilled job because it isn’t easy to work with the material that breaks so easily and it […]


Do what you love

When I first told friends and family about my passion for antiques I was met with a bit of dissonance, worry, and confusion. “How will you survive?” I was asked… I said, “By buying and selling antiques, of course.” I have seen too many people who hate what they do, they wake up each morning […]

Why I love Ireland

Ireland is a beautiful place full of magic and mystery. I wouldn’t live anywhere else in the world, even if someone paid me to. This place, the landscape and the culture is just too special. Ireland has an incredible prehistory, and a very with a rich and sometimes very dark history. You simply can’t help […]

The mirror

A few days ago I was looking over a beautiful heavy quality Victorian Silver Hand Mirror. It was absolutely remarkable, and was decorated with stunning embossing; it had obviously belonged to someone of wealth. As I turned the mirror over and looked into it at my own reflection I was struck by how many people must have […]

Why I love County Mayo Ireland

As an antiquer, I love beautiful and unique things, I love places that have a history, and I love anything that can feed my imagination. That’s why I love County Mayo, because this place really is the Ireland of you have imagined and dreamed of. This region is simply stunning and inspiring. This place ignites […]